Private ________ $70 per person (1 pax – 1 Instructor)

Semi-private____ $65 per person (2 pax – 1 Instructor)

Grupal _________ $60 per person (3-4 pax – Instructor)

Private Lesson Packages (1 pax – 1 Instructor)

4 Private lessons ___________ $260 per person

6 Private lessons ___________ $380 per person

12 Private lessons __________ $720 per person

Semi-Private Lesson Packages (2 pax – 1 Instructor)

4 Semi-private Lessons __________ $240 per person

6 Semi-private Lessons __________ $340 per person

12 Semi-private Lessons _________ $660 per person

Group Lesson Packages (3-4 pax – Instructor)

4 Group Lessons _______________ $ 220 per person

6 Group Lessons _______________ $320 per person

12 Group Lessons ______________ $600 per person

Our lessons are 90 minutes, where Nosara Tico provide to our customers:

– Surf Board

– Rashguard

– Sunblock

*The client can keep the board 90 minutes after the lesson for practice

What Level Surfer Are You?

It is important for our coaches to understand the level of each student and his/her goals prior to entering the water. When booking a session with us, we will ask you all about your relationship with the ocean and how comfortable you feel. If this is your first time giving surfing a try, we will be with you every step of the way. We want your experience to be educational and fun. We have a five-tier system that will help you identify what your current level is, and allow you to focus on where you would like to be in the near future.


The beginner-level student will learn safety and surf etiquette, how to choose the proper equipment, tides and ocean conditions, proper positioning on the board, paddling, standing or “popping up”, and riding small whitewater waves into the beach. Beginner lessons are held in approximately waist deep water. This will make students feel more comfortable knowing that at any moment they can stand on the sandy bottom, if necessary.


Beginner-Intermediate students feel comfortable catching broken whitewater waves on their own and are ready to begin learning how to control the board more. Beginner-Intermediate sessions will include turning, board drive, as well as improving stance and foot placement for maximum ride time.


Intermediate surfers are those who are ready to begin catching unbroken waves, learn to ride left or right (backhand or forehand) down the line and how to generate speed. Intermediate sessions will also include basic oceanography, proper duck-diving/turtle rolling techniques, as well as the most effective ways to access and exit the break.


Our intermediate-advanced students are those who feel comfortable paddling, duck-diving, and catching unbroken waves without assistance. These surfers are ready to learn how to do bottom turns, re-entry, floaters, cutbacks, and properly utilize the rail of their board while reading the wave.

Advanced/Competition Level

At the Nosara Tico Surf School, we have instructors with decades of competitive surf experience all over the world. If you are an advanced surfer and wish to train here in Nosara, please contact us to discuss personal professional coaching and training.